Potty Training Here We Come!

Over the past several months I have made small attempts at potty training my two year old son. Each time he would do well for a couple days but never really took to the while potty thing. Another one of my goals this year was to get my lil’ prince potty trained. Diapers can get costly, especially if you are buying for two lil’ ones, which we have been. Enough was enough. Time for a change with hopefully a little extra cash left in our pockets.


After having searched Pinterest and ALL the pins I had pinned onto my Potty Training board, I finally decided to take to heart this advice found {HERE}.
First thing we did was go potty on his big boy potty! Success! Next, we spent the entire morning in the kitchen, it was the only area big enough in our apartment to play in that had lynolium. Going all natural can get pretty daunting when potty training. You never quite know when it’s time for that bathroom break.
It was so much fun working on the potty training thing while my Prince Charming was away. I got to spend quality time playing kitchen, coloring, cutting paper, playing with play dough, and eating a picnic right in our kitchen!

On a normal day we would have had the tv on, pandora radio, or some other electronic device but we put all that away and enjoyed one another’s company. Seriously, it was the best morning we have had in a really long time. As the day went on I ended up putting him in big boy underwear (different than the advice the pin on Pinterest gave).
My lil’ prince did so well! He only had a total of four accidents! Two because he was retaliating for something, one was purely an accident, and the other was an accident while wearing his big boy underwear. In my opinion he did really well! I am so excited for tomorrow! I hope he does just as well or even better!


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