Potty Training, Day 2

Yea!!! We survived the first day of serious potty training! Now for day two. This morning was very similar to that of day 1. The first half of the day my lil’ prince spent it all natural. No accidents so far. It was so much fun seeing him progress and do so well with the potty training. Life definitely feels less stressful when you don’t have to change as many diapers and you can save some money at the same time. As I stated on my {ABOUT ME} page, my husband is currently in medical school, so any areas that we can save money in is a blessing.
Ok, back to the potty training. Today happened to be a Sunday. Sundays for my family involve going to church for three hours. I will admit I was super nervous about being away from home that long (who knew three hours was a long time!), especially since I was teaching a class and lil’ prince would be attending his own class. Can anyone say nervous/anxious!!! Those were the longest three hours.
The car ride to church went super well with no accidents. In fact, lil’ prince fell asleep with his big boy underwear on. Agh…please, please, please don’t go potty in the car was all I could think. Like I said before, yay, no accidents!
Our first and only accident of the day happened 20 mins after we got out of the car. Lil’ prince had just woken up so I took him to go potty, nothing, 5 minutes later, wet pants. Bummer.
Fortunately, the rest if the day went super well for lil’ prince! The only downside to the day was the weather which resulted in the cancellation of my Prince Charming’s flight, twice.

I love potty training my lil’ prince!!!



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