Potty Training, Day 3

Bring it on!!! Day two of potty training went so well I just knew today would be great! Hahahaha….jokes on me! Today was the worst day of potty training ever. I can’t count the number of accidents my lil’ prince had. It was so frustrating for me and probably him too. Especially since children tend to have a sixth sense about how their parents are feeling emotionally, no matter how hard the parent tries to hide their true feelings.
Today was supposed to be this wonderful day…my Prince Charming was coming home from his trip and I would be able to show him what a big boy our lil’ prince was becoming. The day went well, all up until Daddy came home. Lil’ prince was so excited that DADDY was home that he forgot all about his potty training.
Completely frustrated by this regression I went back to the original pin from Pinterest and read it again. I am so glad I did because she talks about how day three can bring frustrations and setbacks. Those were exactly the words I needed to hear and it gave me hope for the next day.


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