Welcome to
The Kendrick’s A to Z

I am so glad you have stopped by to get to know me and follow my life!

I’m Anya!
My journey of who I am started on a crisp November day, 1986, in Minnesota, with a loving mother, father, 7 brothers and a sister. I couldn’t have been more blessed to be a part of this wonderful family. 
I LOVE Minnesota! It is a great place to grow up! I had the privilege of growing up in a small town surrounded by endless rolling hills and farmland. The winters were cold but the summers were perfect! I enjoyed all 16 years of my life in that small town before moving to a larger city. Those years are filled with love, laughter, and memories I will cherish all my life.
Moving to a larger city was a whole new experience for me. I had lived in the same house for as far back as my memories can take me. This change was a big one but definitely worth it. New friendships were born and more doors were opened to me that allowed me to learn so much more about myself and who I could become.
I went to college at The University of Arizona for two years before making the HUGE decision to go out into the world and serve a full time mission for my church.
Then in December 2009, after having returned home from my mission, I “officially” met my husband (I had gone to high school with him for two years but never spoke or even associated with him). The following December, 2010, we were married in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple (Utah). Life was BLISS!
We felt that something was missing, so in January 2012, we went from a family of two, to a family of three! Our lil’ prince, Jackson, graced us with his presence! It was at this point in life that I became a full-time mommy and haven’t regretted the decision since.
2013-12-19 12.48.43
My husband graduated from Brigham Young University, April 2013 and is currently attending George Washington Medical School. He is so smart! I love my husband with all of my heart! He truly is my better half. He is an amazing, hard working, loving, and caring husband. Not only that but he truly is the best daddy our kids could ever have.
Shortly after starting our first year of medical school we welcomed the newest member to our family. Lil’ miss Lyla. We have truly been blessed with first, children, and secondly, both a lil’ prince and a lil’ princess! They are such a joy in our lives.
We have a long journey ahead of us. I know we can accomplish ANYTHING we put our minds and our hearts to.
We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints.
We strive to live the gospel and look to God everyday.
We owe everything we have to Him.
To learn more about our religion go {HERE}.
NOW…about my other hobbies! Cause man…I have a lot of them!
In no particular order…
Running. Clothes. Scrapbooking. Decorating. Holidays. Motherhood. Working out. Baking. Photography. Movies. Cuddling with my prince. My religion. Friends. Family. Dancing in the rain. Rocking my not so lil’ prince & lil’ princess to sleep. Late night summer strolls. Reading. Thunderstorms (lightning a must!). Laughing. Love. LIFE.

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