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Potty Training, Day 6

Oh my goodness, what a day. Is it over yet? Lil’ Prince has done really well with his training today.
The only downside to today is that he was sick. I mentioned in a previous post that I had gotten sick. Yeah, lil’ prince AND lil’ princess are both sick now. The only healthy one right now is my Prince Charming, which he needs to stay healthy for the rest of his exams this week.20140306-224730.jpgPotty training can be difficult by constantly running to the bathroom so as to not have many accidents. When you add being sick on top of that, you are just asking for it. I am proud to say that lil’ prince handled it very well with only one accident today! Yay!
My lil’ prince is growing up so fast. His lil’ sister sure is growing fast too. Today she sat up by herself for about 10-15 minutes straight. Where has the time gone!
I love my lil’ ones so much. They truly are a big part of my life. Can’t imagine life without them. 20140306-224824.jpg


Potty Training, Day 5

For those of you wondering why I am still writing about potty training, it is because this is pretty much all I do right now. Promise I will reduce the amount of potty training posts after we complete our first week (which is just a couple days away!).
Having a perfect accident free potty training day yesterday, I knew we were bound to have at least an accident or two today. I was right. Oh well, the accidents happen. You just have to push through them and keep that positive attitude. To help with the attitude I decided to try some new smoothie recipes. I love smoothies and am always on the lookout for new recipes. Currently I am looking for some delicious smoothie recipes that include vegetables that lil’ prince would enjoy too.
Ok, back to potty training news. I will admit, that positive attitude I was talking about was super hard for me to do today. I ended up getting sick a couple days ago and yesterday I had my limits pushed too far. With potty accidents, a 6 month old constantly crying for me to hold her, cleaning to be done, and being sick, it was just too much. Needless to say we (the kiddos and I) all fell asleep around 4pm and didn’t wake up until 6 or later. Apparently we needed to rest.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and we can enjoy it to its fullest.

Potty Training, Day 4

After a rough day yesterday, I must admit I was hesitant about today and how my lil’ prince would do with his potty training. I am so glad I didn’t quit on him. He did such a wonderful job! We started the morning off playing with these crazy (plastic) bugs.

It was such a blast listening to his little squeals as we tried to run from the spiders! I haven’t heard him laugh that much in awhile. Which if you think about it, it really is sad.
Next, we spent a couple hours of him rolling me from one side of the room to the other. I must admit by the time we were done I was pretty dizzy and even felt a little sick. It was worth it! All morning my lil’ prince did so well! No accidents!
We even made a trip to the store to let lil’ prince pick out some new big boy underwear. Again, no accidents!!! After our horrible day yesterday, today completely made up for it. We were accident free ALL day! Yay!
Little by little, step by step, we will accomplish our goals.

Potty Training, Day 3

Bring it on!!! Day two of potty training went so well I just knew today would be great! Hahahaha….jokes on me! Today was the worst day of potty training ever. I can’t count the number of accidents my lil’ prince had. It was so frustrating for me and probably him too. Especially since children tend to have a sixth sense about how their parents are feeling emotionally, no matter how hard the parent tries to hide their true feelings.
Today was supposed to be this wonderful day…my Prince Charming was coming home from his trip and I would be able to show him what a big boy our lil’ prince was becoming. The day went well, all up until Daddy came home. Lil’ prince was so excited that DADDY was home that he forgot all about his potty training.
Completely frustrated by this regression I went back to the original pin from Pinterest and read it again. I am so glad I did because she talks about how day three can bring frustrations and setbacks. Those were exactly the words I needed to hear and it gave me hope for the next day.

Potty Training, Day 2

Yea!!! We survived the first day of serious potty training! Now for day two. This morning was very similar to that of day 1. The first half of the day my lil’ prince spent it all natural. No accidents so far. It was so much fun seeing him progress and do so well with the potty training. Life definitely feels less stressful when you don’t have to change as many diapers and you can save some money at the same time. As I stated on my {ABOUT ME} page, my husband is currently in medical school, so any areas that we can save money in is a blessing.
Ok, back to the potty training. Today happened to be a Sunday. Sundays for my family involve going to church for three hours. I will admit I was super nervous about being away from home that long (who knew three hours was a long time!), especially since I was teaching a class and lil’ prince would be attending his own class. Can anyone say nervous/anxious!!! Those were the longest three hours.
The car ride to church went super well with no accidents. In fact, lil’ prince fell asleep with his big boy underwear on. Agh…please, please, please don’t go potty in the car was all I could think. Like I said before, yay, no accidents!
Our first and only accident of the day happened 20 mins after we got out of the car. Lil’ prince had just woken up so I took him to go potty, nothing, 5 minutes later, wet pants. Bummer.
Fortunately, the rest if the day went super well for lil’ prince! The only downside to the day was the weather which resulted in the cancellation of my Prince Charming’s flight, twice.

I love potty training my lil’ prince!!!


Potty Training Here We Come!

Over the past several months I have made small attempts at potty training my two year old son. Each time he would do well for a couple days but never really took to the while potty thing. Another one of my goals this year was to get my lil’ prince potty trained. Diapers can get costly, especially if you are buying for two lil’ ones, which we have been. Enough was enough. Time for a change with hopefully a little extra cash left in our pockets.


After having searched Pinterest and ALL the pins I had pinned onto my Potty Training board, I finally decided to take to heart this advice found {HERE}.
First thing we did was go potty on his big boy potty! Success! Next, we spent the entire morning in the kitchen, it was the only area big enough in our apartment to play in that had lynolium. Going all natural can get pretty daunting when potty training. You never quite know when it’s time for that bathroom break.
It was so much fun working on the potty training thing while my Prince Charming was away. I got to spend quality time playing kitchen, coloring, cutting paper, playing with play dough, and eating a picnic right in our kitchen!

On a normal day we would have had the tv on, pandora radio, or some other electronic device but we put all that away and enjoyed one another’s company. Seriously, it was the best morning we have had in a really long time. As the day went on I ended up putting him in big boy underwear (different than the advice the pin on Pinterest gave).
My lil’ prince did so well! He only had a total of four accidents! Two because he was retaliating for something, one was purely an accident, and the other was an accident while wearing his big boy underwear. In my opinion he did really well! I am so excited for tomorrow! I hope he does just as well or even better!